DesignMedix Inc. develops drugs to address the rapid rise in drug resistance in multiple diseases. The World Health Organization considers drug-resistance to be one of the top three threats to human health today. DesignMedix focuses on globally-important infectious diseases where additional drugs are urgently needed.

Each year, there are over 200 million cases of malaria and over 4 billion cases of bacterial diarrhea, and these diseases cause over 3 million deaths worldwide. The malaria parasites and bacteria that cause these diseases are increasingly resistant to treatment with existing drugs.


TEDx 2019

TEDx Portland is an independently organized TED event. In its ninth consecutive year, it has a rich history of spreading ideas, sharing knowledge and building community in Portland.

Join DesignMedix founder, Dr. David Peyton and other thought provoking speakers for a day of showing how the power of ideas inspires us to re-calibrate adversity into prosperity.

Katerva Awards

DesignMedix Inc. nominated as a finalist for the annual Katerva 2019 award in the Human Development category.

For the 8th year Katerva has been scouring the globe to identify the most promising sustainable disruptive innovations, the kind of innovation that makes our world a better place, and leads us towards sustainability.

BIO Fly-In 2019

Oregon Bioscience Association participated in the 2019 BIO Legislative Day Fly-In with two of our member companies, DesignMedix and RevMedx. Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) had a strong turnout with representatives from over 41 states and more than 200 biotechnology and life science industry leaders from across the U.S. attended these meetings.

DesignMedix lab

Dr. David Peyton Ph.D. and Rob Jensen