DesignMedix develops drugs to address the large medical need caused by the rapid rise in drug resistance in multiple diseases.

The company's initial focus is on globally-important infectious diseases where additional drugs are urgently needed. Each year, malaria and bacterial diseases cause over 3 million deaths worldwide and are increasingly drug-resistant, with resistance showing in up to 70% of bacteria and up to 90% of malaria parasites. In the US, MRSA and other drug-resistant super bugs cause over 2 million new cases and 100,000 deaths each year. Current antibiotics often are ineffective because of growing drug resistance, leading to increasing disease burden and deaths.

Based on technology originally developed at Portland State University and exclusively licensed to DesignMedix, the company has developed a proprietary approach to the rapid development of novel drug candidates to overcome drug resistance.  This approach has resulted in lead drug candidates for malaria (both cure and prevention) and bacteria (particularly Methicillin Resistant Saphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.)