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Targeting drug-resistant diseases with dual-action drugs
DesignMedix, Inc. develops drugs to address the large medical need caused by the rapid rise in drug resistance in multiple diseases. Diseases like malaria and diarrhea kill millions of people each year, and cause untold suffering. The World Health Organization considers drug-resistance to be one of the top three threats to human health today. Using proprietary technology, DesignMedix is developing novel drugs to help efforts to alleviate and eliminate these deadly infections.

DesignMedix focuses on globally-important infectious diseases where additional drugs are urgently needed. Each year, there are over 250 million cases of malaria and over 4 billion cases of bacterial diarrhea and these diseases cause over 3 million deaths worldwide. The malaria parasites and bacteria that cause these diseases are increasingly resistant to treatment with normal drugs, with resistance showing in up to 70% of bacteria and up to 90% of malaria parasites. 
Increasing resistance of 
drug resistant bacteria
Based on technology originally developed at Portland State University and exclusively licensed to DesignMedix, the company has developed a proprietary approach to the rapid development of novel drug candidates to overcome drug resistance. This approach has resulted in drug candidates for malaria (both cure and prevention) and bacteria (e.g. MRSA).​

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Larvae of Culex Mosquitoes. 
Source: James Gathany, CDC