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DesignMedix, Inc. has a unique, rapid approach for developing drugs to overcome drug resistance. This platform approach is a way of making novel compounds by covalently linking a chemical moiety derived from a resistance reversal agent to a drug that has had strong resistance evolve against it, thereby creating a new drug that can fulfill both roles - drug and resistance reversal. This approach enables the design and synthesis of novel drugs very rapidly to enter the optimization stage of development far sooner than widely-used screening approaches. Development risk is reduced because the approach leverages the safety and efficacy properties of the original drug. 

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Targeting drug-resistant diseases with dual-action drugs

Novel patentable drugs are created with the ability to reverse drug-resistance. The molecules created may have dual or multiple actions that confer efficacy by a known mode of action as well as reversal of drug resistance. The mechanism of drug resistance has been demonstrated for the anti-malarial drugs.

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